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Apple Pay on iPhone 8 and WeChat Pay

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Do you know that iPhone user can use WeChat pay for App stores and music or game purchase? It means Apple supports WeChat pay in China now. What a good news. But now, Apple released its new iPhone 8, which updates Apple pay in message, so what’s the difference between Apple pay on iPhone 8 […]

Recover Lost WeChat Contacts on iPhone 8

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 “I just get my iPhone 8 this morning, then i couldn’t wait to use WeChat on it. After using it for a while, i do some update. Then i couldn’t find my WeChat contacts, how could i recover lost WeChat contacts on iPhone 8?” Lost data on our phone or iPhone is quite common, the […]

Sync WeChat Chat History to iPhone 8

“Even though iPhone 8 is much expensive than former iPhone, i still order one, because my old iPhone 5 is too old. Now I’m thinking about syncing my WeChat chat history from my iPhone 5 to iPhone 8, anyone has any ideas?” All those days, almost every iPhone user and other Android phone user has […]

WeChat Voice Messages Exporter for iPhone

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Is it possible for us to export our WeChat voice messages from iPhone iPad? Is there any WeChat voice messages exporter for iPhone? Now you’re so lucky, there are many iPhone data exporter now, but for WeChat voice messages exporter, we have to say iRefone, which is good at export WeChat data as well as […]

When add new WeChat friends, it shows “Abnormal account number”

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“What happened? Today i find one of my old friends WeChat and add him, but it shows “Abnormal account number”, what does it mean? Why when we add new WeChat friends, it shows abnormal account number?” General when our account shows abnormal account number, it means our account is blocked or will be blocked, because […]

Export WeChat Messages to a New Phone

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“I bought a new phone yesterday, and i also download WeChat on it. But i want to export my WeChat messages from old phone to this new phone. How could i do it?” WeChat can not only allow us to send messages and photos with our contacts, also we can use it pay bills, call […]