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How To Export WeChat Messages From iCloud After iOS 12 Update

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“After updating my iPhone with iOS 12, I lost some WeChat messages, so i want to export WeChat messages from iCloud. Anyone can help me with it?” To export WeChat messages selectively from iCloud backup, we’ll introduce you iRefone, which is a professional iOS data recovery software. It can not only help us backup as […]

How to Sign Up WeChat without Phone Number

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From this page, we’ll show you how to sign up WeChat without phone number. Generally, we can sign up WeChat with phone number, email address,QQ ID and Facebook ID ect, and most people will register their WeChat ID with phone number. But some people want to sign up WeChat without phone number, in case other […]

Extract WeChat Voice Messages from iTunes

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“In order to keep my WeChat voice messages safe, I have backup them on iTunes. But now i want to listen to my former WeChat voice messages, how could i extract WeChat voice messages from iTunes Backup?” To extract WeChat voice messages from iTunes backup, we can restore them from iTunes, or we can check […]

WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

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When we log our WeChat on a new device, or we lost our WeChat password, or when our WeChat account is blocked ect, WeChat will ask our friends to verify our WeChat account. And it has became a common issue, now from this article, we will show you some tips about how to fix WeChat […]

How to use WeChat on iPhone and iPad at the same time

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“I want to use WeChat on both my iPhone and iPad at the same time, anyone can tell me how to do it?” Luckily, it’s possible for us to use same WeChat account on both iPhone and iPad, and it’s not suitable for iOS devices. And you only need to log in it with your […]

How to Register Personal WeChat ID

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“Many friends are using WeChat now, I also want to register my personal WeChat ID, but how to do it?” Generally, WeChat supports us to use phone number, email address, QQ ID, Facebook account ect to create our WeChat ID, and our WeChat ID couldn’t be revised. Now when you haven’t had your own WeChat […]


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