Rescue your WeChat data

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Transfer/Backup Wechat Messages from iPhone X to Computer

Wanna transfer WeChat Messages from iPhone X/8/7/6 to computer? Read the article to learn how to backup WeChat messages from iPhone to computer. “My iPhone X is full enough to store any information. I have a lot of treasure messages in Wechat account. Do you know how to backup Wechat Messages from iPhone X to […]

Transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X

Upgrading iPhone 6s to iPhone X and wanna transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X? This article will discuss how to backup and transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to computer or new Phone. I upgraded to an iPhone X from an 6s. I synced everything (I think) from my iPhone 6s before […]

Backup Wechat Messages off Screen Damaged iPhone 8

iPhone Screen is cracked with Wechat Messages missing? This article will teach you how to Backup Wechat Messages from Screen Broken iPhone 8. You just dropped your iPhone 8 and the screen is broken. When your iPhone screen is shattered, it can be difficult to connect with computer to get the data like Wechat Messages […]

Get Deleted Wechat Contacts back from iPhone X without backup

Accidentally deleted Wechat Contacts from iPhone X and wanna get them back? In this article, you will know how to freely recover Wechat Contacts from iPhone X without backup. Wechat can be considered as the most popular instant communication tool on the globe at present. 99% of business men are using Wechat. Accidentally deleted Wechat […]

Recover Wechat photos for Water Damaged iPhone X

Water Damaged iPhone X? Can’t access Wechat account for photos? In this article, you will learn how to get Wechat photos in iTunes backup for Water Damaged iPhone X. “my iPhone x is water damaged at time. phone is not working. phone screen is not started but only iPhone logo no, more working. my imoptant […]

The Meaning of WeChat Icon

Could you recognize WeChat image icon immediately? Or could you draw out WeChat image icon? Do you know the meaning of WeChat icon? WeChat icon is two bubble with two dots on each bubble, maybe it just means eyes. And the designer make this WeChat icon, maybe just want to show it’s a instant chat […]


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