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How to Create WeChat Auto Reply?

“I always receive some WeChat audio messages during work, and i couldn’t listen it and relay it immediately, so i want to use WeChat auto reply and tell my WeChat contact i’ll reply them immediately when it’s convenient for me. But how to create WeChat auto reply?” Acctually WeChat auto reply can only works for […]

Problem with Verification Code on WeChat

“I couldn’t log in my WeChat, and it needs verification code. How could i fix WeChat verification code problem?” “I couldn’t receive WeChat verification code, what happened?” Now if you also have some WeChat verification code problem, now we can solve them together. Here are some tips about how to fix WeChat verification code problem, […]

Forget WeChat Password, What to do?

“I couldn’t log in my WeChat this morning as i didn’t use it for two weeks, and it says i input the wrong password. What to do when i forget my WeChat password?” Now if you also have this issue, you can follow this page and fix it. As we’ll show you some tips about […]

How to set strangers can see ten posts on WeChat?

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“Due to some reasons, i deleted one of my old WeChat friends, and she deleted my as well. But i know her WeChat ID, so i can search her WeChat ID. One day i found out that i can still see her latest ten posts. Now i also want to set my WeChat with strangers […]

How to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp

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“I’m using WhatsApp a lot to communicate with my clients, and sometimes I want to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp to emphasize some important information. But how to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp?” WhatsApp is just as popular as WeChat, many people around the world are using it everyday. And now with the […]

View Deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone iPad without Backup

Summary: When you lost some of your WeChat messages on iPhone, and have done no backups, you can come to this page and learn how to view deleted WeChat messages on iPhone iPad without backup. To get back and view your deleted WeChat messages on iPhone iPad without backup, you’ll need to rely on third-party […]


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