The Guide to Understand WeChat

Maybe you’re already using WeChat. How to you know about WeChat? Do you want to know more things about WeChat? From this page, you’ll understand more things about WeChat.

Most of us are using WeChat now, and many others are joining WeChat every day. What do you do within WeChat? Chatting with friends or doing money transferring? Also many people are using it to call taxi, shopping, make friends, post moments ect, what an amazing software. And there are still many thing about WeChat you should know, follow below page and check the guide to understand WeChat.

Understanding WeChat

Firstly, we should know about WeChat, what is WeChat?

WeChat is a chat App, likes WhatsApp and Facebook, but more than WhatsApp and Facebook. Because WeChat is more instant than WhatsApp in sending and receiving text messages, and it allows that post text, photos, videos in WeChat Moment to share our daily life.

Its number are adding fast every day, and it’s more and more popular every day. It begins from China, now world spread. Most of them are young people, and now many old people are using it now. We can see it’s the result of smart phone and clear interface of WeChat.

Now also many companies are using WeChat to earn more business, on WeChat, they can promote their brand and sell their products.

The most important thing for WeChat is that we can post WeChat moment, and only our WeChat contacts can see it, also we can set our moment with who can see it and who couldn’t see it. Also our WeChat friends couldn’t see the comment, unless our common friends. So it’s doing a great job in protecting our private.

Last thing is that WeChat has many great features, that is red pocket, money transfer, location service, call taxi, shopping, add new friends, games, make free calls ect. So it’s becoming a must in our daily life, because we’ll need it every day.

If you’re not using WeChat right now, you can download it from your App store to have a try.

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