How to Publish Articles on WeChat?

Have you pay attention to some official accounts? Do you read their articles? Do you know how to publish articles on WeChat?

Right now, there is a new job that who can write some articles on WeChat, when people read it and they earn money. Also some people they just want to share their opinion and idea, and don’t mean to earn some money through it. If you’re a people with sharp mind and want to write something and have some fans. You can follow this article, and we’ll show you how to publish articles on WeChat.

Now follow it and try this interesting feature.

Publish Articles on WeChat

Here, if you want to publish some articles on your WeChat and get some followers, you will need to relay on a small tool names Weitie. Now we’ll see how to do it.

And please note, it will be shown with Chinese, if you’re using english version WeChat, you can long press message and translate them into english.

1.first of all, you will need to search “Weitie” account and pay attention to it, or you can scan its QR code directly and join it.

2.When you follow Weitie official account, you’ll see its dialogue with below page.

3.Now we’ll begin the process of creating Weitie articles, click “Create Weitie” on the left bottom corner.

4.Then choose “Pictures and Texts” option, and you’ll get another four options, that is:

When you reply “1”, it means you need to post some photo album with captions.

When you reply “2”, it means you need to post some product display, for showing off items.

When you reply “3”, it means you need to post an article, like a new story.

When you reply “4”, it means you need to post a campaign activity, like invitation or announcement.

5.When you want to post an article, just reply “3”, and it will ask you to send an article cover, if you don’t need to cover, you don’t need to send the photo.

6.Then you’ll be asked to add photo for your body text, and you can also skip it by relaying “1”, then it will need you to write some texts.

7.After finishing it, just reply “2”, and it return to WeChat card which is linked to your article. If you want to forward it, just long press the card, and you can also share them on your WeChat groups.

You see, it’s not that difficult. Have you finished your Weitie articles?

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