The WeChat Phenomenon Social Media with Chinese Characteristics

WeChat have hugely affected and improved Chinese people’s life, and now more than 900 million people in China are using WeChat, which has surpassed the estimated 700 million internet user. Now we’ll talk about something about WeChat phenomenon social media with Chinese characteristics.

Why WeChat

Firstly, we’ll talk about the reason why so many people are choosing WeChat, even old people who don’t use internet before. And the main reason is that the popularize of smartphone, it offers the opportunity for old people to use internet and with WeChat. Also many young people are working in different city, parents want to know more about their children life, so they learn how to use WeChat to contact more convenient with them.

Then WeChat update its feature according to people’s life, and make our life more convenient. Right now, you can have no cash, no bring your phone, and you can live with it. Because you can use WeChat to link back card, arrange taxi, buy airfare, train, movie tickes, and go to restaurant, shops, supermarket, book hotel ect. And even manage personal finance.

Benefits for China and Oversea

More people are using WeChat to arrange payment and buying goods, it can help increase GDP, and adding more job opportunity.

Also government can use WeChat to get some data, but also it increase the cybersecurity risks for people to use internet. WeChat user may receive some links or malware-infected QR codes, and fall victim and esposing their personal information.

With WeChat, it helps increased digital payments, but the infrastructure of mobile payment is still under development. Also peosonal files are handled by Tencent, While WeChat has come into our daily life within and beyond Chinese borders, such conveniences are likely to remain rooted in the principle of state control so long as the Tencent success story continues.

And this news are come from the diplomat.

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