Apple supports WeChat pay in China

Before the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, many people know that Apple stay against WeChat pay in China. But now Apple supports WeChat pay in China since August 29th, what a good news. But why?

The big fact is that China is experience the big revolution that we don’t bring any cash in our pocket, and we can do shopping every where in China (cash is replaced by WeChat pay and Alipay), which is due to WeChat pay and Alipay. Almost every shop, even small restaurant and booth support WeChat pay and Alipay. So if Apple want to get better sales with their iPhone, they will need to Support WeChat pay.

Also there is another reason that WeChat app is the most popular chat app in China, there are more than 9 hundreds of million people are using it every day. So when Apple support WeChat pay, iPhone user can use WeChat pay to buy music, games ect directly from App store, then they can earn more money from this part.

When Apple supports WeChat pay and Alipay, we can also set it with fingerprint to confirm with the payment without inputting the password, which makes it more easier and safe.

Arrange Payment with WeChat Pay

Now we’ll see how to arrange payment with WeChat Pay, but firstly you’ll need to link one of you bank card with WeChat, and there is some money in it.

1.Open your WeChat, go to Me–Wallet, then you can see option “Bank Card”, then input your bank card information to link it.

2.When finish link your bank card, you can arrange payment with it.

3.if the shop can scan it, you can tap on “Send and Receive Payment” option to bring our the QR code, then they scan it will be ok.

4.also you can scan the QR code they have post on the wall, and input the money you need to transfer and send it will be ok.

Now try to use WeChat pay on your iPhone App store to buy some songs and games ect, hope you’ll have a good time.

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