How do you like iPhone X

“When you ask me why i like iPhone X, I can tell many reasons. And here I’ll show you the reason i like iPhone X.”

It says the sale of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus isn’t as popular as other iPhone, maybe the reason is that Apple also released iPhone X together with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Now many people are wait for iPhone X, but how do you like iPhone X?

Now from this article, we’ll detailed some feature of iPhone X, that’s maybe the reason why people like it.


iPhone X is completely new design with other former iPhone, see below feature.

1.Full screen design, which makes our screen more big.

2.Back Glass, which can support wireless charging, and make it more smart.

3.Two color, gray and black.

4.No Touch ID, but it supports facial recognition.

5. iPhone X has advanced camera setup of three phones.

Screen Display

Also the screen display for iPhone X is new, which is with OLED, while iPhone 8 is still with OLD. OLED can help us make the color and photos more bright and depth.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is Apple’s new tech, and it applies on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but it will needs us to buy another wireless charging.

Feel Cool

We can recognized it very well when we hold it, but for other iPhone, we sometimes couldn’t tell the difference between them with other iPhone.

And iPhone X is high tech iPhone from Apple, and it can show our purchase ability.

Also some people just like it with no reason, and you can wait less than one month, and you can have one.

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