WeChat add delete “Friends who do not often contact” feature

Do you know WeChat new feature that delete “Friends who do not often contact”? do you want to use it and delete some WeChat contacts?

“Since i use WeChat, it has been four years, and every year i will add some WeChat friends. Some of them are friends, old classmates, colleagues ect, and some of them are strangers that we have same interests. But most of those contacts we don’t contact each other often, so i want to delete them. And it’s so good to hear that WeChat add delete “Friends who do not often contact” feature, now i will also introduce you about it.”

Rumors say it will help us delete those WeChat contacts that we don’t contact each other or we didn’t reply moments in half year or we lack a shared group with each other.

Since many people are interested in this function, it says Tencent is still working on it, and hope it will be released soon.

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And you can check below article for detailed steps:

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