How do you use WeChat on iPhone X

As said Tencent has redesigned WeChat to adapt iPhone X, then how do we use WeChat on iPhone X?

WeChat is one of the most popular chat apps on the world now, and many people from different countries are using it. Now as Apple released new iPhone X, some people will change their old phone with it, then how do we use WeChat on it?

Here, we’ll see some difference of WeChat that Tencent has made to adapt iPhone X.

Difference of WeChat on iPhone X

Here, we’ll talk about it from moments and messages, see below information.

For moments:

1.In order to show photos with suitable ratio, it will reduce the album photo.

2.Then it will be more convenient for users to make comment and thumb-up, because the layout of moments will be redistributed.

For messages:

1.We can swipe left to operate our WeChat messages.

2.our avatar image will be with a round shape to save more white.

Use WeChat on iPhone X

Now when you get your iPhone X, firstly, you’ll need to download WeChat app from your App store.

Then log in it with your WeChat ID and password, it may need you use WeChat on old phone to scan it, then you can log in it successfully.

Now you can use it just like you do on your old phone.

Transfer WeChat Message from old Phone to iPhone X

When you need to transfer your WeChat messages from old phone to your iPhone X, you will come to the help of WeChat migration feature, see below steps.

1.Open WeChat on your old phone and log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Then go to Me–Setting–Chat–Chat Log Migration, then choose “Migrate to another phone”. and choose the chat log you need to migrate, click “Done”.

3.When finish it, you’ll get a QR code, then log in WeChat on your iPhone X with same WeChat ID and Password, scan the QR code, and it will begin migration.

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