How to Translate Messages in WeChat?

“I’m learning Chinese, so i joined some Chinese WeChat groups. Now they always send some WeChat messages with Chinese that i couldn’t understand, is there any way can help me translate messages in WeChat?”

When you also come across this kind of issue, now you won’t miss this page. Here we’ll guide you how to translate WeChat messages, follow below steps and have a try.


Translate Messages in WeChat

1.Now open your phone or iPhone, log in WeChat with your WeChat ID and password.

2.Go to Chats page, and find the WeChat messages that you need to translate them.

3.Press the message and hold on until it shows up some options, find “Translate” option, click it.

4.Then click “Translate”, and it will translate the messages into your device’s default language.

5.When you want to restore those messages without translation, you can just long press those message again and hold on, then it will show up option “Show Original”, click it, and your messages will be back with original language.

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