How to Create WeChat Auto Reply?

“I always receive some WeChat audio messages during work, and i couldn’t listen it and relay it immediately, so i want to use WeChat auto reply and tell my WeChat contact i’ll reply them immediately when it’s convenient for me. But how to create WeChat auto reply?”

Acctually WeChat auto reply can only works for official accounts, and here we’ll briefly introduce you how to do it.



How to Create WeChat Auto Reply

1.Open WeChat, log in it with your official WeChat account ID and password.

2.Then click function button on the upper left corner, and you can see several function buttons, like “Welcome Message”, “Auto Reply” and “Road Map” button option.

3.Now click “Auto Reply”.

Now when someone send you some WeChat messages to your official WeChat account, they will get some WeChat auto reply when you have no time to reply them.

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