Post WeChat Moment and Mention Someone to See it

“This morning when i open my WeChat and find some updates of WeChat moments, and it says someone has mention me in his posts, so i check it immediately. Now I’m just wondering how to post WeChat moment and mention someone to see it?”

After using WeChat for months, we may notice that some of our WeChat contacts may post some moments and mention someone; Also we may get some notification that someone mentioned us in his posts and needs us to see it. Now today we’ll talk about how to post WeChat moments and mention someone to see it, when you’re interested in it, please follow below page.


Mention Someone in WeChat Moment

Now follow below steps and learn how to mention someone in your WeChat moments.

1.Open your WeChat and log in it, go to Discover–Moments.

2.Then tap on Camera image icon on the right top corner, choose the photo you need to insert, then input the texts.

3.Now we can post it, but before post it, we can tap on “@Mention” option to add WeChat contacts we need to mention.

4.After choosing WeChat contacts, tap on “Done” and “Send” it, then your WeChat friends can see your moment with mention someone.

Tips: Usually only our close friends may do this kind of things and show the relationship between us. When some other people do this kind of things and we don’t like it, we may block them.

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