Transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X

Upgrading iPhone 6s to iPhone X and wanna transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X? This article will discuss how to backup and transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to computer or new Phone.

I upgraded to an iPhone X from an 6s. I synced everything (I think) from my iPhone 6s before I activated my iPhone X. Unfortunately, I realized I forgot to keep some important Wechat Messages in the Wechat app. Is there any way to retrieve them? Or can I transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X? Yes, we defiitely can. I seen an article that tells me how to do. If you are in such trouble, keep reading.

The following is a simple way to upload your existing WeChat messages from the old iPhone to the new one. Before we do this, ensure that you have a backup of the messages and that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Sign in to your WeChat account on both device and then follow these simple steps.

Part One: Transfer Wechat Messages from iPhone 6s to iPhone X

Step 1: On your old iPhone 6s go to the “Me” tab and then tap on the “Settings” button.

Step 2: select the “General” tab. Next, tap on the “Chat Log Migration” button and then “Select Chat Transcript.”

Step 3: Now on your new device scan the QR code in the interface. Once the code is scanned, the migration process will begin immediately and the WeChat history will be transferred to the new iPhone X

Part Two: Backup and restore Wechat History with Wechat for PC

Also, you can backup and restore the Wechat chat history via the latest version of WeChat for PC, the steps are very simple. Just try it.

1. Download and install the latest version of Wechat for PC on your computer, then launch it.
2. Use Wechat app to sacn the QR code to login your account on computer.
3. Click on “More” button on the left bottom of the panel, press “Backup and Restore”, then select “Back up on PC” mode.
4. On your old phone screen, tap “Backup All” or “Select Chat History”, then back to Wechat for PC to start backing up your chat history.
5. Then login your Wechat account on your new phone, and select “Restore on phone” mode on Wechat for PC, similarly, you need to confirm restoring process on your new phone, then all Wechat history would be restored to your new phone.

While if you do not backup any data of Wechat, you’d better find a recovery software to help you get wechat messages from old iPhone to computer. Here iRefone (Mac version) is highly recommended. After quick scan, you can recover lost WeChat messages from iPhone due to iOS upgrade, jailbreak, reinstalling WeChat app, etc.

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