How do you know about WeRun feature on WeChat

“Now everyday i will open WeRun on WeChat to check the steps i have walked, how about you? Do you know WeRun feature on WeChat?”

More and more people are joining WeRun to record their exercise, as most of us are using WeChat, it’s very convenient for us to check it. Still some WeChat users don’t know about this feature until their WeChat friends share it to them. Also we’ll show you some detailed information about WeRun, when you want to know about it, keep following.

How to enable WeRun on WeChat

Before using it, we’ll need to enable WeRun firstly on our WeChat, see below steps.

Step 1. Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

Step 2. Then search for official account “WeRun-WeChat” in the search bar, and click “Enable”.

Step 3. Then you can set it with link your device’s health app to WeRun.

Step 4. Now every time you open your WeChat, you can see “WeRun” list on your chats page.

How to Use WeRun on WeChat

Now we’ll see how to use WeRun on WeChat, follow below steps.

Step 1. Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, go to Chats page, and find WeRun.

Step 2. Click WeRun, then we can see our walking steps history.

Step 3. Now tap on “Step Ranking” at the bottom you can see today’s steps and ranking as well as the steps of your friends.

Step 4. When you want to check you homepage, you can click your profile photo on Ranking page.

Step 5. if you wan to invite your WeChat friends to use WeRun, you can go to WeRun–Steps Ranking, then scroll down to find option “Invite Friends”, then you can choose friends from your WeChat contact lists and send them invitation.

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