WeChat shake doesn’t work

“WeChat shake doesn’t work on my WeChat, what to do? How to fix WeChat shake doesn’t work issue?”

WeChat shake feature is a kind of method for us to add new WeChat friends, many people will use it to get some new friends by using shaking feature when they’re free or want to chat with some strangers. But recently, many WeChat users feedback that WeChat shake feature on their WeChat doesn’t work, so due to this issue, we’ll show you some tips about how to fix WeChat shake doesn’t work issue.

Fix WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work Issue

When your WeChat shake feature doesn’t work, please refer to below tips and fix it.

Tip 1: Restart your phone or iPhone, then log in WeChat and try again.

Tip 2: Reinstall WeChat on your phone or iPhone, then try again.

Tip 3: Close All Apps on your phone or iPhone.

Tip 4: Check network connection of your phone or iPhone, and connect your phone or iPhone with Wifi or cellular network.

How to Use WeChat Shake Feature

When you haven’t use WeChat shake feature before, you can follow below steps and try it on your phone or iPhone.

Step 1. Open WeChat on your phone or iPhone, log in it with your WeChat ID and password.

Step 2. Go to “Discover” page, find and click “Shake” feature, then shake your phone or iPhone.

Step 3. Then WeChat will looking for some WeChat users who are also using WeChat shake feature right now.

Step 4. Now you can choose some WeChat users and add them as WeChat friends.

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