How to Register Personal WeChat ID

“Many friends are using WeChat now, I also want to register my personal WeChat ID, but how to do it?”

Generally, WeChat supports us to use phone number, email address, QQ ID, Facebook account ect to create our WeChat ID, and our WeChat ID couldn’t be revised. Now when you haven’t had your own WeChat ID, you can follow this page and create your personal WeChat ID.

How to Create Personal WeChat ID

Firstly, we’ll see how to create personal WeChat ID, see below steps.

Step 1. Download WeChat app from your App store on phone or iPhone, then launch it and click “Sign Up”.

Step 2. Then input your phone number, “Agree” WeChat policy and start “Security Verification”.

Step 3. When you receive SMS verification code, enter it in WeChat to verify your phone number to register successfully.

Step 4. Then set up your profile photo and account name, and you can post moments and add some WeChat friends or chat with them now.

How to Register Subscription WeChat ID

Step 1. Open browser on your PC, navigate to WeChat Official Accounts Platform.

Step 2. Then click “Register Now”, which is on the right top corner.

Step 3. Now fill in it with your information, like email address, password ect. After entering the information, confirm with “Register”. Then go back to your email address and check your verification email from WeChat team and click the link to finish verification.

Step 4. Then you can choose your WeChat account type, like “Subscription Account”, “Service Account”, “Mini Program” and “WeChat at Work”. Now choose “Subscription Account”. When a warning message pop up, confirm with it.

Step 5. Now we’ll enter the new interface, and we can see there are five type of subscription account, choose “Personal”. Then your Chinese friends needs to scan a QR code to link their WeChat account, and verify phone number through SMS.

Step 6. When finish it, choose your account name and description, then you’ll finish creating your own subscription WeChat account.

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Now you can refer to below article for detail steps:

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