WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

When we log our WeChat on a new device, or we lost our WeChat password, or when our WeChat account is blocked ect, WeChat will ask our friends to verify our WeChat account. And it has became a common issue, now from this article, we will show you some tips about how to fix WeChat asking a friend to verify account issue.

Fix WeChat Friend Verification Issue with WeChat Friends

When you have some WeChat friends and familiar with them, you can choose them to verify your WeChat account, and send them the code with other social platform. Then ask them to send the code to your WeChat account through their WeChat.

Step 1. Run WeChat on your phone or iPhone, find “WeChat Team” option on your WeChat chat page.

Step 2. click it and we’ll enter new screen, then tap on “Account”, and you can choose “Assistant Registration”.

Step 3. Then input your WeChat friends phone number and submit it, then he or she will receive a code to verify it, please note to choose the country code for your friends phone number.

Fix WeChat Friend Verification Issue with No WeChat Friend

When you have no WeChat friend, you can contact WeChat support for help.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article for reference:

Recover Lost WeChat Group Contacts

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