How To Export WeChat Messages From iCloud After iOS 12 Update

“After updating my iPhone with iOS 12, I lost some WeChat messages, so i want to export WeChat messages from iCloud. Anyone can help me with it?” To export WeChat messages selectively from iCloud backup, we’ll introduce you iRefone, which is a professional iOS data recovery software. It can not only help us backup as […]

Extract WeChat Voice Messages from iTunes

“In order to keep my WeChat voice messages safe, I have backup them on iTunes. But now i want to listen to my former WeChat voice messages, how could i extract WeChat voice messages from iTunes Backup?” To extract WeChat voice messages from iTunes backup, we can restore them from iTunes, or we can check […]

WeChat shake doesn’t work

“WeChat shake doesn’t work on my WeChat, what to do? How to fix WeChat shake doesn’t work issue?” WeChat shake feature is a kind of method for us to add new WeChat friends, many people will use it to get some new friends by using shaking feature when they’re free or want to chat with […]

Recover Lost WeChat Group Contacts

“I didn’t save some WeChat group as contacts, now i couldn’t find those WeChat groups. Could i get back my lost WeChat group contacts?” “Every time i open my WeChat, there are thousands of WeChat group messages there, and i have no time to view them one by one, so i delete them. Maybe some […]

Ways to see all shared photos and videos on WeChat

“I want to check some WeChat photos and videos we have shared with our friends, anyone can show me the way to see all shared photos and videos on WeChat?” We all know that we can check WeChat photos from our WeChat conversation by opening one and swipe it right, then we can see former […]