How to know if someone block you on WhatsApp

“I couldn’t see some WhatsApp contact’s last seen, and there is no update for a long period. So I’m wondering if i have been blocked by them, anyone can show me how to know of someone blocked me on WhatsApp?” With using social platform for years, we still have the issue with if someone has […]

Ways to transfer money from WeChat to bankcard

“During holiday, my friends will send me some red pocket to celebrate it, and sometimes when i help my friends buy some goods, they will pay me via WeChat. Now there are some money on my WeChat wallet, so i want to withdraw it out. How could i transfer money from WeChat to bankcard?” Now […]

How do you know about WeRun feature on WeChat

“Now everyday i will open WeRun on WeChat to check the steps i have walked, how about you? Do you know WeRun feature on WeChat?” More and more people are joining WeRun to record their exercise, as most of us are using WeChat, it’s very convenient for us to check it. Still some WeChat users […]

How to find WeChat QR code

“There are some new friends, they would like to add me as their WeChat contacts by scanning QR code, but I’m not familiar with it, so i check it for a while, and in the end they help me find it. Now i want to know how to find WeChat QR code, anyone can show […]

Transfer WeChat Chat History to iPhone XS

Will you change your phone with an iPhone XS? And how do you transfer your WeChat chat history to iPhone XS? Now the time for Apple releasing new iPhone is coming soon, as rumors say the new iPhone will be iPhone XS, so many iPhone fans are waiting for the moment and change their old […]

How to check Whether WeChat messages have been sent out

“Why they won’t reply my WeChat messages? Have they read my messages? Now I’m thinking if my messages have been sent out through WeChat, anyone can tell me how to check whether WeChat messages have been sent out?” Every time we send out some messages or WeChat messages, we would like to get some answers […]

Drift Bottle on WeChat

Now WeChat has been the most popular chat app right now, many people are using it to contact their friends and family. Also we will share some moments to show our daily life, but sometimes we want to write something and keep them secret with our friends, then drift bottle on WeChat can be a […]

Recover Blocked WeChat Account Data

When you do something against WeChat rules and your WeChat account is blocked, how could you view your former WeChat data? Do you want to recover your blocked WeChat account data? Now when you have this kind of issue, and want to get back your blocked WeChat account data, you’re coming the correct place. Here, […]

Save retrieved WeChat Audio into MP3

Wanna recover deleted WeChat audio from iPhone/iPad and convert the WeChat audio into MP3? Follow this article, you will learn how to. “Can I recover deleted WeChat Audio and convert WeChat audio to MP3 for sharing and playing?” This is a frequently asked question on Google. In this article, you will learn how to recover […]