How to know if someone block you on WhatsApp

“I couldn’t see some WhatsApp contact’s last seen, and there is no update for a long period. So I’m wondering if i have been blocked by them, anyone can show me how to know of someone blocked me on WhatsApp?” With using social platform for years, we still have the issue with if someone has […]

How to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp

“I’m using WhatsApp a lot to communicate with my clients, and sometimes I want to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp to emphasize some important information. But how to bold and italic texts on WhatsApp?” WhatsApp is just as popular as WeChat, many people around the world are using it everyday. And now with the […]

WeChat add delete “Friends who do not often contact” feature

Do you know WeChat new feature that delete “Friends who do not often contact”? do you want to use it and delete some WeChat contacts? “Since i use WeChat, it has been four years, and every year i will add some WeChat friends. Some of them are friends, old classmates, colleagues ect, and some of […]

Access WeChat Photos from iCloud Backup

“I backup my WeChat photos on iCloud when i buy my new iPhone 8, now i want to view some of them from iCloud, how could i access WeChat Photos from iCloud backup?” WeChat photos are very important phone data on our iPhone, and we always want to view some of them. In order to […]

WeChat Voice Messages Exporter for iPhone

Is it possible for us to export our WeChat voice messages from iPhone iPad? Is there any WeChat voice messages exporter for iPhone? Now you’re so lucky, there are many iPhone data exporter now, but for WeChat voice messages exporter, we have to say iRefone, which is good at export WeChat data as well as […]

Remove WeChat Photo Backup from iCloud

“I have a habit of backup my WeChat photos on iCloud, now there are many WeChat photos i don’t need them any more on iCloud, how to remove those WeChat photo backup from iCloud?” When you do backup of your iPhone data on iCloud for a while, you may find out that photos are taking […]