Extract WeChat Data from Battery Broken iPhone

“My iPhone couldn’t be charged since yesterday, and I’m afraid that some of my WeChat data will be lost when it’s broken, so i want to backup my WeChat data. Anyone can help me with extracting my WeChat data from battery broken iPhone?” To extract your WeChat data as well as other iPhone data selectively […]

Backup Mid-autumn WeChat Messages on iPhone

Now Mid-autumn Day have passed for a week, and we may still keep the messages and photos we have sent and received through WeChat. But how could we keep them safe permanently? The best way is to backup them, and here we’ll show you some ways about how to backup Mid-autumn WeChat messages on iPhone. […]

Backup WeChat Contacts on iPhone 8

“Since i get my new iPhone 8, i add some WeChat contacts from my WeChat group. Now i want to backup them, how many ways could help me backup my WeChat contacts on iPhone 8?” Here, you’ll not only learn the way about how to backup your WeChat contacts on iTunes and iCloud, but also […]

Backup WeChat Photos to iCloud

Now we’re all familiar with WeChat, and maybe you’re also using it every day to communicate with friends and family. And we won’t forget to sending some photos, and also we’ll receive many WeChat photos from our WeChat contacts. In order to keep those WeChat photos safe, we’ll show you how to backup WeChat Photos […]

Extract WeChat Data from Old iPhone

“I have an old iPhone 5, and it has been used for three years, now i want to change it with iPhone 7. how could i extract WeChat data from my old iPhone 5?” It’s common for people to have more than one iPhone, and when they want to change their old one, they may […]

Save WeChat Photo from iPhone to PC

“I’d like to collect all photos from WeChat that my family sent to me, is there any way can help me save my WeChat photos from iPhone to PC?” Downloading WeChat pictures and photos are easy enough, and most people know how to do it. But when they need to keep those WeChat photos safe […]

Backup WeChat Audio Messages on iPad

“Almost all my WeChat audio messages are sent by my family and friends, because we just want to listen to their voice. And on the other hand, we don’t want to lose those messages, so any ways to backup WeChat audio messages on iPad?” Many people are wondering how to backup WeChat audio messages on […]