Recover Lost Halloween Photos on WeChat from iPad

Have you send or receive some Halloween photos on your WeChat? Did you do some backup? Have could you recover your lost Halloween photos on WeChat from iPad? “Today i realized that i haven’t backup Halloween photos on WeChat my friends sent me, then i check it with nothing. Because i have closed the chat […]

Recover Deleted WeChat Group Messages on iPad

Here, we’ll show you how to recover deleted WeChat group messages on iPad. When you have similar needs, you can follow this page. Since WeChat supports creating groups, we have add many WeChat groups from our family to our friends, from interests to our colleagues. Also we’ll send and receive many WeChat group messages every […]

Recover Lost WeChat Photos on Mid-autumn Day

Have you ever send and receive some WeChat photos from your friends and family on Mid-autumn Day? Have you saved them? And what if you lost some of them, how do you recover lost WeChat photos on Mid-autumn Day? When relating to recover lost WeChat photos on Mid-autumn day, we can get them back from […]

Access WeChat Pictures from iTunes Backup

“As my iCloud storage is full, and I’m not good at using it. So i backup my WeChat data and other iPhone data on my iTunes, now i want to check some of my WeChat pictures, how could i access WeChat pictures from iTunes Backup?” Former days, we usually restore those iPhone data from iTunes, […]

Recover Lost WeChat Contacts on iPhone 8

 “I just get my iPhone 8 this morning, then i couldn’t wait to use WeChat on it. After using it for a while, i do some update. Then i couldn’t find my WeChat contacts, how could i recover lost WeChat contacts on iPhone 8?” Lost data on our phone or iPhone is quite common, the […]

Recover Lost WeChat Data on iPad

Attention please. Now there is a question for every one. How do you recover your lost WeChat data on iPad? For WeChat data, we mostly will think about WeChat contacts, WeChat messages, photos and audio messages ect. And we will have some different ways to recover them due to different data. Now following are some […]

Recover Lost WeChat Data on iPhone

Could you continue your life without friends around you? For me, it’s yes, because most of my friends are in different city now. But could you live without WeChat? For me, No. Although we’re not in same cities, but we can know more things about our friends via WeChat, and learning what’s happening during their […]