Problem with Verification Code on WeChat

“I couldn’t log in my WeChat, and it needs verification code. How could i fix WeChat verification code problem?” “I couldn’t receive WeChat verification code, what happened?” Now if you also have some WeChat verification code problem, now we can solve them together. Here are some tips about how to fix WeChat verification code problem, […]

Backup Chinese Lunar New Year Data on iPhone iPad

Every year Chinese Spring Festival travel will attract lots of attention from the world, if you have a chance to celebrate Chinese lunar New Year, you may record many data about it on your iPhone iPad. When you want to keep those data safe, you can check this article and learn how to backup your […]

Discount iRefone for iOS Device on Christmas Day

Great News. When you have no backups and want to recover your lost iPhone data, or you want to extract some of your backups files from iTunes or iCloud selectively, and don’t want to erase all your content and settings, you can come to third-party iOS data recovery software for help, and now iRefone is […]

Record special moment on Mid-autumn day with WeChat

Mid-autumn Day is the second important family reunion day, many people will go home on this day to stay together with their family and eat moon cakes. How do you record this special moment on Mid-autumn Day? As traditional festival, that day will be with big and bright moon on the sky, many kids go […]

2017 WeChat Data Recovery Software Review

“Now i lost some of my WeChat data on iPhone, my friends recommend me iRefone that she has used it before. And i search it, there are also other data recovery software show up. So anyone can show me 2017 WeChat data recovery software review?” For iOS data recovery software, there are plenty of them […]

Upload WeChat Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 7

Changing our phone or iPhone with a new phone is very common, and the needs of transferring our iPhone data is also necessary. So in this article, we’ll show you how to upload WeChat data from old iPhone to iPhone 7, read it and have a try. Although WeChat doesn’t support us to save WeChat […]