WeChat User Allowed to Send Tips

Big News. Apple and Tencent has reached a deal that WeChat users can send tips to content creators. Actually WeChat users can send tips before, then Apple said it violated App store rules, then this feature was disabled. And Apple said tipping is a form of in-app purchase that should be subjected to the same […]

Apple supports WeChat pay in China

Before the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, many people know that Apple stay against WeChat pay in China. But now Apple supports WeChat pay in China since August 29th, what a good news. But why? The big fact is that China is experience the big revolution that we don’t bring any cash in […]

The WeChat Phenomenon Social Media with Chinese Characteristics

WeChat have hugely affected and improved Chinese people’s life, and now more than 900 million people in China are using WeChat, which has surpassed the estimated 700 million internet user. Now we’ll talk about something about WeChat phenomenon social media with Chinese characteristics.

Open platform of WeChat pay launched for oversea merchants

Do you know that WeChat pay have launched open platform for oversea merchants? Most Chinese WeChat users are using WeChat to arrange payments, and WeChat payments are used from small restaurant to big mall, and it’s leading us to no cash word. And the latest news say that WeChat pay have launched open platform for […]

How to Publish Articles on WeChat?

Have you pay attention to some official accounts? Do you read their articles? Do you know how to publish articles on WeChat? Right now, there is a new job that who can write some articles on WeChat, when people read it and they earn money. Also some people they just want to share their opinion […]