Set WeChat Moment can only be seen last 6 month

“I don’t post WeChat moment frequently, and i don’t want some new friends see my old posts. So i want to set my WeChat moment can only be seen last 6 month. Anyone can help me with it?” There are three options for us to set the viewable time for our WeChat moments, that is […]

How to Translate Messages in WeChat?

“I’m learning Chinese, so i joined some Chinese WeChat groups. Now they always send some WeChat messages with Chinese that i couldn’t understand, is there any way can help me translate messages in WeChat?” When you also come across this kind of issue, now you won’t miss this page. Here we’ll guide you how to […]

Change WeChat Chat Background

“I want to change my WeChat conversation background, anyone can show me how to do it?” When some of our WeChat friends share some WeChat conversation, we can find that the WeChat background is with some photos, which looks nice. And we may wonder how to change WeChat conversation background. And here we’ll guide you […]

Activate Auto Save Pictures on WeChat

What is Auto-save photo function on WeChat? How could we activate auto save pictures on WeChat? Auto-save photo function on WeChat means photos you receive on WeChat will be auto saved on your phone album after you activate this feature. So it’s very convenient for us to save WeChat photos. And now we’ll see how […]

Set WeChat Conversation at the Top of Chat Page

“When we’re having dinner, my husband sent some WeChat group messages to his colleagues. But i noticed that the WeChat conversation with me still exist at the top of his chat page. Then i ask him why? He said he set the WeChat conversation with me at the top of chat page, as it’s easier […]

Convert WeChat Audio Messages to MP3 Format

When we want to transfer and play our WeChat audio messages on PC, we may need to convert those WeChat audio messages to MP format. And now from this article we’ll learn how to transfer your WeChat audio messages to MP3 format. To convert WeChat audio messages to MP3 format, we’ll need to rely on […]

Switch from Video chat to Audio chat on WeChat

“I’m doing video chat with my mom, but my phone will be out of power soon, so i want to use audio chat with my mom, how could i switch from video chat to audio chat on WeChat?” Now it comes to the questions that how could we open video chat and audio chat? What’s […]

Transform Photos into Emoticon on WeChat

“Is it possible for us to transform photos into emoticon on WeChat?” When we are in bad mood or receive some funny emoticons via WeChat, it will make us laugh for a while and forget unhappy things. Now here we’ll learn how to transform photos into emoticon on WeChat. Read it and have a try.

WeChat is not working, what to do?

What to do when WeChat is not working? How to fix your WeChat not working issue? What does WeChat is not working mean? Do you mean you couldn’t launch your WeChat? Or your WeChat is dark, or you get no WeChat notification ect? Here, we’ll show you some ways about how to fix WeChat not […]