Transform Photos into Emoticon on WeChat

“Is it possible for us to transform photos into emoticon on WeChat?” When we are in bad mood or receive some funny emoticons via WeChat, it will make us laugh for a while and forget unhappy things. Now here we’ll learn how to transform photos into emoticon on WeChat. Read it and have a try.

WeChat is not working, what to do?

What to do when WeChat is not working? How to fix your WeChat not working issue? What does WeChat is not working mean? Do you mean you couldn’t launch your WeChat? Or your WeChat is dark, or you get no WeChat notification ect? Here, we’ll show you some ways about how to fix WeChat not […]

How do you use WeChat on iPhone X

As said Tencent has redesigned WeChat to adapt iPhone X, then how do we use WeChat on iPhone X? WeChat is one of the most popular chat apps on the world now, and many people from different countries are using it. Now as Apple released new iPhone X, some people will change their old phone […]

WeChat Shake Couldn’t Connect to Other Country

“Ususally i will use WeChat shake feature to reach more WeChat users, and add some of them as WeChat contacts. But then i find most of those WeChat users are from the same country with me, why WeChat shake couldn’t connect to other country?” Do you also have this problem of WeChat shaking? Now read […]

How to Know Whether WeChat Message Has Been Read

“I send some WeChat messages to the one i admire, but he didn’t reply me, it has been passed for an hour. How do i know whether my WeChat message has been read?” When we send out some WeChat messages and get no reply, we may wonder if our WeChat message hasn’t been seen? Or […]

Can’t add more WeChat friends,What happened?

“I just add WeChat friends as I usually do, but failed. What happened that i can’t add more WeChat friends?” Have you ever experienced this kind of issue? And maybe you have tried all the ways about adding new WeChat friends, but it still doesn’t help. What happened? Why we couldn’t add more WeChat friends?

Export WeChat Messages to a New Phone

“I bought a new phone yesterday, and i also download WeChat on it. But i want to export my WeChat messages from old phone to this new phone. How could i do it?” WeChat can not only allow us to send messages and photos with our contacts, also we can use it pay bills, call […]